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Understanding Depression and How To Treat It

Depression comes in many forms. Fortunately, over time, as the field of psychology was further studied, the perception of depression has expanded, which has helped in the treatment of depression. Some people suffer from depression only once or twice in their life while others spend a lifetime suffering from the illness.

History of Depression

Depression has been traced back thousands of years. In fact, according to Dr. Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, depression is traced back to King David in the Bible. At one time, people who suffered from depression were viewed as having weak temperament.

Depression Symptoms

No matter the type of depression that a person suffers from, there are common symptoms endured through each type. Common symptoms include low levels of energy, insomnia, thoughts of death or suicide, crying without any reason and changes in weight. People who no longer enjoy activities that they used to enjoy are commonly diagnosed with depression. Depression oftentimes runs in families, especially those families that have a frequent occurrence of bipolar disorder.

Types of Depression

DepressionThere are four basic types of depression: post-partum depression, major depression, bipolar depression and dysthymia. By taking part in a clinical depression test, it becomes easier for a doctor to diagnose a patient’s true form of depression. When a person suffers from sad moods for a period of time exceeding two weeks, he or she is usually diagnosed as having major depression. When symptoms are not so severe, he or she may be diagnosed as having dysthymia. People who are diagnosed as having bipolar depression are commonly referred to as being manic depressant. Unlike other forms of depression where sad moods are often endured for extended periods of time, bipolar depression consists of both sad and extremely happy moods. Post-partum depression can only be developed by women who have recently given birth to a child.

Fighting Depression

Thankfully, there are multiple ways for overcoming depression. Depression help is available in many forms, including medications and therapies. Major depression treatment usually comes in the form of medication, however, some people choose not to take medicines and simply fight the disorder through therapy and support groups. No matter the type of depression a person suffers from, it is important to know that overcoming depression is possible.