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Neurosis Is More Common Than Some People Think

Neurosis Is More Common Than Some People Think What is neurosis? To define neurosis one must realize that the term covers a wide range of behaviors, many of which are considered normal, but presented at a much higher intensity. Neurosis disorder is the inability for a person to adequately adjust to their current life or changes to their life conditions. It covers behaviors that are only mildly disruptive to society, but may be somewhat debilitating for the person suffering from it. Neurosis disease is ... Read more

Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress Understanding Stress Stress is a major problem for many individuals. While a little bit of stress is beneficial, giving people the motivation they need to take action, too much is a bad thing. Too much stress affects every area of a person's life. It can affect weight, cause insomnia, trigger heart problems, raise blood pressure, and result in anxiety attacks or even stress incontinence. It is a crushing burden of pressure that arises due to challenges, obstacles, or perceived threats. ... Read more

Living With Migraine Headaches

Living With Migraine Headaches Migraines are more than just mere headaches. They cause severe pain that can be debilitating, causing an individual to miss out on important parts of life. They may come on suddenly. While severe migraine headaches are almost always triggered by certain factors, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain the triggers that cause them. Furthermore, they have the capacity to completely incapacitate a person, as the pain that is caused by light or noise, even movement, forces them ... Read more

How Can You Get Headache Relief?

How Can You Get Headache Relief? Most people have experienced headaches from time to time. When you have a headache, you have a pain in a specific area of your head. Whether it is a dull, sharp or throbbing pain, it is not easy to deal with, especially if you have to work. It can appear out of nowhere and last anywhere from an hour to several days. What Are Headache Causes? There are several different headache causes that you should be aware of. ... Read more

How High Is Your IQ?

How High Is Your IQ? An intelligence quotient (IQ) assesses intelligence, which usually encompasses one's level of abstract thought, reasoning and understanding. The results of IQ tests may be used to predict job performance, education abilities, special needs or income, and scoring high on an IQ test can give you bragging rights and potentially qualify you for acceptance in certain organization and societies. An average IQ is 100. A score between 115 and 129 indicates brightness and above-average intelligence. People who score between ... Read more

Doing Brain Games at Home

Doing Brain Games at Home A lot of games for brain activity can help you tremendously when you need to improve your concentration. Many adults and children exercise their bodies and eat the right types of food, but they may not make use of free brain games that are available online. The brain training game you choose to use is going to help you in a variety of different ways. Knowing some of these benefits can help you if you are dealing ... Read more

Easy, Affordable, Healthy Stress Relief

Easy, Affordable, Healthy Stress Relief Most people live life at a faster pace than in decades past. A direct result of today's seemingly never ending to-do lists and the tendency to cram as many activities in a day as possible is increased stress. Fortunately, there are many healthy methods of stress relief that in many cases are extremely affordable and accessible to virtually anyone. Exercise is a common outlet for people that are seeking relief for stress. Exercise can be as simple as ... Read more

Do You Suffer from Insomnia?

Do You Suffer from Insomnia? Most people have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep at some point in their lives. This is often due to stressful situations or other outside factors. However, when sleeping issues become problematic or last for a period of time, the cause may be insomnia. When trying to determine what is insomnia, it is important to note that this sleep disorder is basically defined by insomnia symptoms, rather than having a basic definition of its own. Symptoms of ... Read more

How to Choose the Right Sleeping Medication

How to Choose the Right Sleeping Medication Having to deal with sleeping problems is definitely not uncommon. A lot of people have either diagnosed or undiagnosed sleep disorders which prevent them from sleeping well at night. You might find that your sleeping disorder keeps you from falling asleep or it might even prevent you from staying asleep after you've finally drifted off. Whatever the reason, there are many OTC sleep aids for you to choose from instead of actually going to a ... Read more

Many Causes of Hallucinations

Many Causes of Hallucinations When hearing the word hallucination, most people either think of drugs, the hallucinations associated with schizophrenia, or other mental illness. However, drugs and mental disorders are not the only reasons people may experience hallucinations. What Are Hallucinations? Hallucinations are false perceptions, which can occur for any of the senses, of things for which there are no external stimuli present to invoke such a perception. They may be very detailed and real to the person who experiences them. The most common ... Read more
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